About Us

Product Development – Manufacturing – Distribution

Your Partner For the best aftermarket firearm solutions

In 2013, St. Croix Tactical Solutions (SCT) began retailing and wholesaling AR15 parts. SCT MFG was founded to develop new products and business-to-business relationships in order to provide high quality aftermarket and OEM firearm components at high volumes. We continue to expand our relationships with customers, as well as our service and quality of work. SCT MFG is based in Hudson, Wisconsin, which gives us the ability to recruit the best employees in their respective fields, ensuring the highest quality parts are delivered the first time and every time.


What We Do


Industry leading ability to reverse engineer, design for manufacture, and rapid prototype product all under one roof. This allows SCT to bring new products to market in weeks instead of months.


Machining is critical to almost every industry. SCT has developed thoroughly tested methods of CNC machining including turning, swiss machining, milling (horizontal & vertical up to 5 axis), grinding, & broaching.


SCT has partnered with strategic logistics partners to ensure on time delivery to our customers and no supply chain interruptions. We have the ability to package and label according to customer requirements including but not limited to: individual bagging, bar coding, labeling, custom packaging, etc…